My Favorite place to visit in my country

My favorite place to visit in South Africa is a really popular city. It is among CNN’s top 10 best city in the world. That place is Cape Town. It is South Africa’s parliamentary capital. Cape Town is really beautiful, and there are a lot of activities to do, from doing the garden route to visiting Robben Island, and shopping at the canal walk. Those are not the only things to do in the mother city, there are a lot of other activities, such as visiting the underwater aquarium, or the Cape of Good Hope, the most south western part of Africa.

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  1. G’day Rova,
    Great information but the way you have included the URL looks very untidy. Perhaps you could include it as a hot link (In blue) to the URL.

  2. Hey Rova,
    It’s a really nice post. You used a really nice picture that makes it very easy for us to visualize South Africa

  3. Hey Rova,

    I went to South Africa to too over Summer Break. It was winter there of course and it was very cold. We went to reserves: Madikwe, and _____. We went on safaris at dawn and in the evening and it was awesome seeing all the animals! We saw elephants, leopards, cheetahs, hippos, rhinos, antelopes, lions, giraffe, baboons, bush pig, gnous, impalas, eland, buffalo, and even a sable antelope. I also went to Cape Town and it was very beautiful. We went on Table Mountain, went to the garden route and Robben Island and the Waterfront and it was amazing!!! My favorite things, however, are probably the barbecue ribs in South Africa. Yum! What’s your favorite food in South Africa?

    • Hi Seb,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog and for visiting SA!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! My favorite food in South Africa is KFC, but if you asking my fav traditional food I’d say it’s pap and chicken.

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