Pros and Cons of being in a community

Being in a community is a great privilege. It is a need for humans to gather, and talk. It is a need to share, and to have company. So, belonging in a community is really important. However, there are positive and negative sides to being in a community. The advantages of being in a community includes: getting help from other community members, helping the others, supporting each other and inspiring each other. However, in a community, you need to conform. To fit in a community, you need to be like the people in it. And conformity is not always good. Conformity can lead to a boring community. As everyone would all be the same in that community. And that’s the sad thing about communities, they are all the same. So, you cannot do what you want. I think a community would only work if it accepts diversity, and unifies through that diversity.  It would make the community more interesting. To conclude, being part of a community is good, belonging in a community is better, but being who you are in a community is the best thing.