Technology and problem solving

Technology can be a great tool to solve problems in the world we are living in right now.  The  discovery of technology was really useful and is a key unlocking a lot of problems we can face in environment,education,health,development, creativity and respecting others. Technology helps us build a better world we can live in and also a planet where the future generations can live without the fear of getting extinct by bunch of problems such as environmental ones.

Technology is key to environmental problems because ,as soon as, everyone would have an access to the internet,and that day would arrive, we will stop cutting trees for books and  paper. It is good for education because kids are taught to be real world citizens by starting to learn how to be a good digital citizen. In Digital citizenship,kids are taught how to respect other people’s work by teaching them how to cite it, how to use in a good purpose and which ones are supposed to be reused. Children are taught what “fair use”is which is the ability to reuse someone’s work. They’re also taught about how to respect “copyright”,the  Legal right given to the author for a fixed number of years to represent an act, material… Owner’s right, by reworking creatively that work. It helps kids to leave a positive digital footprint. Tech pushes us to creativity because we discover a lot of things every day that would make technology better. And programming computers is helping be creative in our “HTML” and how we display it “CSS”. Technology is useful to solve problems.